Legends of Speed Script Madd Hub - Anti-AFK, Teleport, Walk Speed & More

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Legends of Speed Script Madd Hub - Anti-AFK, Teleport,  Walk Speed & More Legends of Speed Script Madd Hub - Anti-AFK, Teleport,  Walk Speed & More

MaddHub is a powerful script designed specifically for the thrilling game, Legends of Speed. This Legends of Speed Script Madd Hub is an essential tool for players looking to enhance their gameplay experience and gain a competitive edge. With a wide range of features, MaddHub offers an all-in-one solution to simplify and optimize your gameplay.

MaddHub is the ultimate companion for Legends of Speed players, offering a wide range of features to enhance your gameplay, streamline tasks, and maximize your progress. Unlock your full potential and dominate the game with MaddHub's powerful capabilities.

About of Legends of Speed Hack:


Tired of being kicked out of the game due to inactivity? MaddHub's Anti-AFK feature ensures that you stay active and engaged, preventing any automatic disconnections.

Ctrl+Click to TP:

Say goodbye to tedious navigation! With MaddHub, you can effortlessly teleport to any desired location simply by pressing Ctrl and clicking on the destination, saving you valuable time.

Walk Speed:

Enhance your speed and agility with the Walk Speed feature. Adjust your character's movement speed to match your desired preference, allowing you to outpace opponents and explore the game world with ease.

Jump Power:

Reach new heights! MaddHub grants you the ability to modify your character's jump power, enabling you to effortlessly navigate obstacles and conquer challenging terrain.

TP to Player / Always TP to Player:

Team up with friends or join forces with skilled players. The TP to Player feature allows you to instantly teleport to any player in the game, fostering teamwork and coordination.

Collect Orbs, Chests, and Hoops:

Boost your progress and earnings by automating the collection of orbs, chests, and hoops. MaddHub streamlines the process, ensuring you never miss out on valuable rewards.


Level up faster and unlock exclusive rewards by automating the rebirth process. MaddHub allows you to easily trigger rebirths, accelerating your progression in the game.

Buy Pets, Equip Best Pets, Evolve Pets, Sell Old Pets:

Optimize your pet collection with MaddHub's comprehensive pet management features. Buy, equip, evolve, and sell pets effortlessly, ensuring you always have the best companions by your side.

Equip Best Trail, Sell Old Trails:

Customize your character's appearance with the best trails available. MaddHub enables you to equip the most desirable trails, while also providing the option to sell outdated ones.

Redeem Codes:

Stay up to date with the latest promotional codes and unlock exclusive rewards. MaddHub simplifies the code redemption process, ensuring you never miss out on valuable bonuses.

Server Hop:

Discover new challenges and opportunities by seamlessly hopping between servers. MaddHub allows you to effortlessly switch servers, expanding your gameplay options.

Features of Legends of Speed Script Madd Hub - Anti-AFK, Teleport, Walk Speed & More
  • Anti-afk
  • Ctrl+click To Tp
  • Walk Speed
  • Jump Power
  • Tp To Player
  • Always Tp To Player
  • Collect Orbs
  • Collect Chests
  • Collect Hoops
  • Rebirth
  • Buy Pets
  • Equip Best Pets
  • Evolve Pets
  • Sell Old Pets
  • Equip Best Trail
  • Sell Old Trails
  • Redeem Codes
  • Server Hop
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