Post Rules;

  1. Original content: Credit must be given to the person who developed this project, even if the posts shared on the website do not belong to the sender.
  2. Text length; Each Post must have a minimum description of 200 words. Describe it thoroughly to reach that goal.
  3. Quality writing: Posts should be well-written and free from grammatical errors. Posts that are difficult to read or understand may be rejected.
  4. Appropriate language: Posts should be written in respectful and appropriate language and only English should be used.
  5. Files: Hacking, logging, key/password stealing, mail bombing, malware, server crash, service attacks etc. posts are not allowed
  6. Non-promotional content: Posts should not be promotional in nature. Post that directly aim to advertise a product or service will not be accepted.
  7. Images: Posts should include images, but they must be appropriate and attributed correctly. 
  8. Acceptance: Submission of a post does not guarantee acceptance. All submissions will be reviewed, and posts that do not meet the website's standards may be rejected.
  9. Verification: Only e-mail verify users can posts send. The reason for this is to prevent spam.
  10. Rights: By submitting a post to website, the user retains the rights to its content. However, in case of violation of site rules, Site officials have the right to edit or remove the post.

In some cases where you violate the rules, you may be banned without warning. If you think you have been unfairly banned, do not hesitate to contact us.

The right to update this Page or add new ones is always reserved.

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