ZXRO Free Roblox Executer (lua)

ZXRO Free Roblox Executer (lua) ZXRO Free Roblox Executer (lua)

Open source ZXRO Free Roblox Executer. I coded it like a clock, very simple but works fine for its purpose, no key system so much fun with it. Also if you want to learn it's open source, I used PKLs so keep that in mind. Although the site Cheater.ninja is new, it is on its way to becoming a very popular cheat site. So I decided to publish my project on this website. I suggest you look at other roblox scripts on this website.

How to use - ZXRO Free Roblox Executer?

Same as any other lua executer,
  1. Just open roblox
  2. Attach the cheat
  3. Enter your lua or choose one from the menu provided.
  4. And enjoy.

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Free Download ZXRO Free Roblox Executer (lua)

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