Zombie Rollerz Pinball Heroes Trainer Hack

Zombie Rollerz Pinball Heroes Trainer Hack

Welcome dear members. You can play with pleasure. A Zombie Rollerz Pinball Heroes Trainer Hack that you will enjoy very much. The game can be called simple and old. Your goal in the game is to protect your own territory and you can have fun by making necessary upgrades.

You can enjoy a lot by taking advantage of the features of the cheat. You can double your gaming pleasure. You can recommend it to your friends. These Trainer Hacks will be very useful for you. Below I have mentioned how it works and other features. good games.

How to Use Zombie Rollerz Pinball Heroes Trainer Hack

  1. First of all, just download the trainer by clicking on the download button down below
  2. Extract every single file from the archive
  3. Install BepInEx
  4. Extract files from the Vanilla Managed archive into Gameroot\XXXXXX_Data\Managed\ folder
  5. Place Trainer.dll into the BepInEx\plugins folder
  6. Start Zombie Rollerz: Pinball Heroes
  7. Enjoy and have fun

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