Zero Hour External Cheat | Hacks for Zero Hour 2023

Zero Hour External Cheat | Hacks for Zero Hour 2023

Zero Hour External Cheat is a newly released Hack for Zero Hour with tons of features for you to abuse and have some fun while playing alone as well as with your friends in co-op

Zero Hour is one of those games where you cannot even stop laughing while you are playing with your friends because of how fun the game can get, but we all know that unfortunately most of the times, what happens is exactly the opposite of what I have just described you. And in those kinds of cases we all know that you as well as the normal player who enjoys plaing Zero Hour would really want some hacks and cheats to use so that they could show the enemy who the boss is.

Zero Hour External Cheat

How to Use Zero Hour External Cheat

  1. Download Zero Hour External Cheat from our website
  2. Extract the EXE file from the archive
  3. Start Zero Hour
  4. Make sure you set your game to windowed mode
  5. Make sure Denuvo Anti-Cheat is disabled.
  6. Run the cheat from the extracted folder
  7. Enjoy and have fun!

Zero Hour External Cheat Features

  • Aimbot tab
    • This.enabled
    • Aimbot.key
    • Aimbot.fov
    • Aimbot.step
  • Visualisation tab
    • This.enabled
    • Bounding.box
    • Health.bar
    • Show.weapon
    • Show.head
    • Show.fov
    • Show.crosshair
  • Miscellaneous tab
    • This.enabled
    • Speed.hack
    • Remove.recoil
    • Remove.spread
    • Reduce.sway
    • Auto.pistol
    • Remove.damage [ no enemy damage ]
    • Extend.fov
    • Debug.mode [ infinite stamina, no afk kick, etc.. ]
  • Graphical user interface tab
    • Menu.x
    • Menu.y

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