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Vex Fivem Hack | GTA V Fivem Cheat

Vex Fivem Hack | GTA V Fivem Cheat Vex Fivem Hack | GTA V Fivem Cheat

The release of the Free Vex Fivem Hack aims to enhance users' gameplay with an array of functionalities! Within this GTA V Fivem Cheat, the d3d10.dll file unlocks a multitude of features, including Aimbot, ESP, Noclip, GodMode, and a diverse range more. For a comprehensive list of these capabilities, it's available for your review at the conclusion of this post. It's important to note that while the usage of Vex Fivem Hack is complimentary, I'm unable to assure you of immunity from potential bans. Therefore, using it comes with its risks of being banned.

Instructions of Vex Fivem Cheat:

Download vex_fivem.rar from the download button below.

Extract the file to a folder (Archive password: 123).

Navigate to the AppData\Local\FiveM\\plugins folder and add the dll named d3d10.dll here.

Launch Fivem and while in the lobby, press Insert/INS.

Click the Inject button in the Fivem Cheat Menu

Enjoy it :)

Features of Vex Fivem Hack | GTA V Fivem Cheat

  • Visual
  • Skeleton Esp
  • Box Esp
  • Weapon Esp
  • Healtbar Esp
  • Armorbar Esp
  • Snapline Esp
  • Flags Esp
  • Distance Esp
  • Draw Ped Esp
  • Localplayer Esp
  • Dead Player Esp
  • Aimbot
  • Draw Fov
  • Preview Target
  • Smooth
  • Fov
  • Watermark
  • Noclip Forward
  • Noclip Backward
  • Menu Key / Insert
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Free Download Vex Fivem Hack | GTA V Fivem Cheat

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  • knocks

    I already press the insert but not working

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    • 3nv0y

      Check gta v game screen setting, cheat won't work in full screen

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      • 3nv0y

        game screen setting ?

         (0)  (0)
        • knocks

          what do you mean?

           (0)  (0)
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