Valthrun CS2 Cheat | Best free CS2 ESP, Triggerbot and Bomb Info

Valthrun CS2 Cheat | Best free CS2 ESP, Triggerbot and Bomb Info

Valthrun CS2 Cheat is one of the newest and safest CS2 cheats out right now. If you want the most undetected and reliable cheating experience, this is the cheat for you as it offers an external & read-only kernel system to ensure that it will stay undetected.

This means that you can safely use this without worrying about any VACnet bans! Valthrun CS2 Cheat is also one of the few open source cheats meaning that all the code can be found on github.

While the creator claims to have made this purely for fun and as an experiment you can still expect great results and a smooth experience. The current feature list (ESP, Triggerbot, Bomb Info) might seems limited but you don't have to worry as this will change very soon!

How to use Valthrun CS2 Cheat

  1. Download the files from our website
  2. Extract the ZIP Archive
  3. Read the detailed instructions here

Note: The Valthrun CS2 Cheat  menu can be access by pressing the 'PAUSE' key

Supported Windows Versions

Due to this this cheat's offsets being updated dynamically, it should be compatible with any windows versions! If you were to encounter any issues you can join the developer's discord server for support!

All recent Windows versions should be supported as all functions / struct offsets are resolved dynamically.

The latest Win 10 and Win 11 versions (22H2) have been tested. User feedback suggests, Windows versions as far back as 20H2 are working. If you encounter an issue, please submit an issue containing your Windows version and detailing the error you encounter.


  • Valthrun does not need to be installed.
  • In order to run Valthrun you only need the kernel driver (valthrun-driver.sys) and the controller (controller.exe).
  • Both can be accquired by downloading the precompiled release from Cheater.Ninja Website.

How to Use

The following steps need to be done to enable the overlay.

  1. Load the kernel driver
    The overlay requires the kernel driver for all memory reads and writes. Therefore we need to load the driver before we can start the overlay. It's not strictly required to load the driver before starting CS2 but logically it makes sense to start with the driver.

    There are two common options to load the kernel driver:

    1. Manually map the driver using a vulnerable driver The Valthrun kernel driver fully supports manual driver mapping using a vulnerable driver. In order to detect the manual mapping the second driver entry argument (the registry patch) must be a nullptr.
      The kernel driver will automatically allocate a new driver for io communication.

      In order to manually map the Valthrun driver you can use tools like

    2. Setting Windows into test-signing mode
      TODO: Explain how to set Windows into test signing Helpful guide: https://github.com/dretax/GarHal_CSGO#starting-driver

  2. Start Counter-Strike 2
    After loading the driver you can start Counter-Strike 2 as usual.

  3. Start Overlay
    With an open instance of Counter-Strike 2 you can start the overlay.
    Attention: You must start the overlay as administrator!

To explore all command line options of the controller, start the controller from the terminal and pass -h to display the command line interface:

.\controller.exe -h

If you want a verbose output (useful for troubleshooting), start the overlay from the terminal and previously set the RUST_LOG environment variable.
Example for executing the overlay with trace output:



  • Using Vulkan as render backend
  • Adding support for hiding the Valthrun watermark (#43)
  • Improving common controller error messages for clarity
  • Do not depend on VC-Runtime in the release build

Changelog v0.3.3

The driver got quite a big stealth and API update.

Features of Valthrun CS2 Cheat | Best free CS2 ESP, Triggerbot and Bomb Info
  • Esp
  • Triggerbot
  • Bomb Info
  • Config
  • Player Esp
  • Skeleton Esp
  • Boxes Esp
  • Player Health
  • Stream Proof
  • Aimbot
  • Spectator Info
  • List Of Player
  • Competitive Ranks
  • Competitive Wins
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