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valorant immortal triggerbot hack

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 Developers: Immortal Report Cheat

Valorant Immortal Triggerbot Hack is another popular pixel detection based triggerbot cheat among the Valorant hacking community. Including customization settings like delay and radius, you can also make it easily fit your gameplay style. See what you’re missing out on with Valorant Immortal Pixelbot!

Hackers have had a love-hate relationship with the external Valorant cheats and  hack for some time. While it was released a while agp and is still very effective, many hackers are not fans of certain features of this bot. As they might be looking specific Cheats and Hacks for Valorant that maybe are internal or have a wider range of functions.

valorant immortal triggerbot hack

Lately hacking scene has changed a lot, there are no many new hacks anymore and (getting) almost impossible to get proper aimbot. Various triggerbot and pixelbots have become the go-to choice of pro players in order to diversify their inventory. This is why Valorant immortal triggerbot was possibly made as it is external and does not read the game’s memory in any way.

On top of that Valorant Immortal Triggerbot Hack doesn’t just come with a triggerbot, you can even use other features baked-in such as bunnyhop which automatically jumps and makes you a bit faster compared to walking without jumping. It even has an auto stop features that makes the character stop while you are shooting so that your shots are more accurate.

Valorant Immortal Triggerbot Hack | Features

  • TriggerBot – automatic firing when targeting an enemy, adjusting the color, radius and shots. To view the radius around the cursor, you must turn on the windowed game mode.
  • BunnyHop – adjustable automatic bunny jump .
  • AutoStop -auto-stop while shooting improves the accuracy of shots.
  • Automatic Gun and enjoy.

How to Use Valorant Immortal Triggerbot Hack

  1. Download the cheat from the download button below, which should take you to the download page
  2. After the download has finished, extract the cheat from the archive into another of your choice.
  3. Launch Valorant
  4. Run triggerbot.exe which is the cheat itself
  5. After the menu shows up, set your settings however you like
  6. Enjoy and have fun while destroying your enemies.

Side note:

  1. Do not use without a spoofer, you will be banned after 1-2 weeks.
  2. For Spoofer, you can check out MadSpoofer: MadSpoofer | Free Undetected HWID Spoofer for Valorant

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