Valorant External Triggerbot Hack | AHK Script

Valorant External Triggerbot Hack | AHK Script Valorant External Triggerbot Hack | AHK Script

Valorant External Triggerbot Hack is the best and the most undetected AHK (AutoHotkey) script for Valorant that you could ever find. The Triggerbot is the main function of the cheat and you just need to install AHK to make it work and run. But if you don't know what Triggerbot is, what it does is that it automatically shoots the enemy when you aim on them.

In a nutshell, I can easily say that this Valorant External Triggerbot Hack is the best one out there. With just a few clicks, you can activate it and it can bring you hundreds of hours of joy for sure. Some would argue that the effect of this cheat is so big that it will mess up or crash your game due to some glitches or problems but surprisingly, that's not true in any way at all.

How to Use Valorant External Triggerbot Hack

  1. Download the AHK script from our website where you can find tons of other Valorant Cheats and more
  2. Extract the script from the archive that has been downloaded
  3. Download and install AHK (AutoHotkey)
  4. Launch Valorant
  5. Run the script from the folder where you extracted it
  6. Enjoy and have fun!

Valorant must be in "windowed/fullscreen" windowed
And disable RAW input buffer if its "ON"
Default enemy outlines "yellow". If changed in script make sure its the same.
Use either a small dot as crosshair or an open crosshair.

Valorant External Triggerbot Hack | Keybinds

  • F1= Triggerbot On
  • F2= Triggerbot Only activates when "Hold_Key" is held down
  • F3= Autofire (On/Off)
  • F4= Triggerbot Off
  • Home= Hide Gui (graphical user interface)
  • End= Exit script

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