Valorant Esp Cheat + Source | Freezy Terrorw

Valorant Esp Cheat + Source | Freezy Terrorw

Valorant, the popular tactical first-person shooter developed by Riot Games, has taken the gaming world by storm since its release. With its blend of precise gunplay and strategic gameplay, it has become a favorite among gamers. However, like many competitive games, Valorant isn't immune to the presence of cheaters. In this article, we will delve into the world of Valorant cheats, focusing on two of the most notorious features - ESP and Chams.

About Valorant Esp Cheat:


ESP, or Extra Sensory Perception, is a feature that has caused quite a stir in the gaming community. It provides players with information that goes beyond what is available through normal gameplay. Typically, ESP displays various types of information on the game screen, such as the location of enemies, their health, the proximity of weapons, and more. In Valorant, this can give players a significant advantage by allowing them to see through walls and obstacles, essentially "predicting" enemy movements.

The controversy surrounding ESP in Valorant is rooted in the unfair advantage it gives to those who use it. Players with Valorant ESP cheats can track enemy positions in real-time, making it nearly impossible for their opponents to surprise them. The result is often a frustrating and uneven playing field, with legitimate players feeling disadvantaged.


Chams is another popular feature in Valorant cheats. Chams essentially add a unique visual twist to the game by making certain game objects, including enemies, stand out with distinct colors or textures. Players using Chams can easily spot enemies from a distance, even in the most cluttered of environments.

The allure of Chams for cheaters is clear: it makes identifying and eliminating opponents as easy as possible. While the visual effect can be tempting, it is important to remember that using Chams in Valorant is against the game's terms of service and can lead to severe consequences, including permanent bans.

How TO Use Valorant Cheat:

1) Downlaod injector like Process Hacker 2

2) Open Valorant Game

3) Inject the .dll from compiled folder into Valorant.exe with Porcess Hacker 2

Boom!! Enjoy it!!

Features of Valorant Esp Cheat + Source | Freezy Terrorw
  • Esp
  • Chams
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