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Valorant Anti AFK & Bunnyhop Hack Download [Misc Ware v1.1]

Valorant Anti AFK & Bunnyhop Hack Download [Misc Ware v1.1]

Valorant Anti AFK & Bunnyhop Hack Download [Misc Ware v1.1]

Valorant Anti AFK & Bunnyhop Hack unfortunately doesn't have features like Aimbot & ESP Cheat for Valorant but it lets you stay AFK and Bunnyhop

You might be familiar with the so-called Bunnyhop thing (Quick explanation: Bunnyhop is constantly jumping while moving (forward) which make you a bit harder to shoot and a bit faster) from Source games like, Team Fortress (2), Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Half Life (2). And if you are familiar with the cheats & hacks for those games as well, you probably know that Bunnyhop is an indispensable feature that every single cheat absolutely needs. And the fact it is actually possible to bunnyhop in Valorant as well, opens the gate to a perfect opportunity for cheat developers to make Bunnyhop cheat.

Plus, it is not just Bhop that this cheat for Valorant has, it an Anti AFK feature as well that lets you stay AFK for as long as you want. Need a break? Go AFK. Want to eat something or just go to the toilet? Turn on the Anti AFK function and enjoy the calming moment where you don't have to hear the crippling voices of your toxic teammates and just relax.

Valorant restricts in-game player movements like other games do. The reason is to make the game more difficult and allow people to use their powers equally.
But you Cheater.Ninja members don't have to. You can stay AFK in the game and have the Bunnyhop hack and just hold down the space key. Then, while you are in the air, you press D and turn the mouse to the left, then press A and turn it to the right, and you continue this movement continuously. As you can see, we don't use the W key at all.

How to use Valorant Anti AFK & Bunnyhop

  1. Download Free Valorant Anti AFK & Bunnygop Cheat
  2. Extract the hack from the compressed rar archive and paste it into a directory
  3. After that, open Valorant
  4. Now start Misc Ware v1.1 as an administrator
  5. Enjoy and have fun!

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