Valorant AHK Script Pack | Bhop Hack & Triggerbot 2023

Valorant AHK Script Pack | Bhop Hack & Triggerbot 2023 Valorant AHK Script Pack | Bhop Hack & Triggerbot 2023

Valorant AHK Script Pack is a pack of UNDETECTED AutoHotkey scripts for Valorant Bhop & TriggerBot. The developer of this project is not me! Someone sent me these scripts in order to post here. These scripts have been under continuous use for the past 3 months without any bans. For support contact me on Discord: A WeirD KiD#0119

This pack will provide you with a fully functioning bhop script and a triggerbot script since it is an open-source autohotkey file. Everything that you need to get started will be included is included in the archive expect the AutoHotkey program itself which you can download from their website. You'll be able to customize the scripts and do everything that you need without wasting time trying to figure out where things are or what lines to change.

This is also a great Valorant AHK Script Pack that can easily be used for faking strafe, also known as bhop. There are players who are using this to rise up in the ranks, even though they may be using an aimbot to some extent by using other Cheats and Hacks for Valorant. But you can do the same thing with this triggerbot hack. The triggerbot on the other hand works on all weapons as it isn't an internal weapon based triggerbot, but an external one that detects the enemies by their color. This one is seriously something else as it's completely free and has been undetected for a long time now.

How to Use Valorant AHK Script Pack

  1. Download the Valo AHK Script Pack files
  2. Extract the Valorant AHK Script Pack.zip
  3. Download AutoHotkey
  4. Open Valorant
  5. Run the Script
  6. Make sure that the script and enemy outline colour are the same.
  • Use the TriggerBot by holding down the Shift key (keybind can be changed).
  • Use the Bhop by holding down the Space key.


  • UP Arrow Key - ON
  • DOWN Arrow Key - Off
  • INSERT (or maybe HOME) Key - Hold Mode (this the best mode to use if u dont want to be blatant. also the key for hold mode is right mouse button. no there is no way to change it because the script is already compiled.)

sorry havent used this script in a while so i dont really remember the hold mode key but youll figure it out. if anyone needs i can update this post with the script as well

edit: forgot to say the triggerbot color is yellow lmao

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Free Download Valorant AHK Script Pack | Bhop Hack & Triggerbot 2023

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  • EliasGlock

    how to download like which button

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    • aspectking

      Y'all this didn't work for me, but I found this youtuber and all his videos worked for me so far (link removed)

       (0)  (0) Reply
      • clzy


         (0)  (0)
        • Spirit00

          it doesnt work for me

           (0)  (0) Reply
          • dizdapig

            why do i need to download an exe

             (0)  (1) Reply
            • kali

              not working

               (0)  (0) Reply
              • Irene0796

                help pls

                 (0)  (0) Reply
                • Irene0796

                  it doesn't work

                   (0)  (0) Reply
                  • cashflowcaine

                    how do you use i got autohotkeys and the exe

                     (0)  (0) Reply
                    • armanfanny

                      not working on me :

                       (0)  (0) Reply
                      • ahadbro

                        Just so everyone knows you have to press right arrow for the hold mode

                         (0)  (0) Reply
                        • Ynnetiarian22

                          bro i know a little bit of ahk, can i see the script? i want to change any functions to use :3

                           (0)  (0) Reply
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