V3NOM Injector 2.0

V3NOM Injector 2.0

V3NOM injector Battlefield , AssaultCube and more game

An V3NOM Injector that you can use for many game cheats like AssaultCube and Battlefield 4. You can download this V3NOM Injector 2.0 for free from our website and run .dll cheats. This is dll injector written in 100% c#.It doesn't have many features yet, but I plan to continue working on it. There may be some bugs as I'm not very advanced and Injection Code is still pretty messy. The injector can inject both x64 and x86 assemblies. . 

Changes logs V3NOM injector

-Added Settings Tab -Added Discord Server Invite -Added EAC Check -Improved the UI -Fixed the Injection Issue  

Please continue giving me Feedback

Web site Discord Server : Here


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