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Unicoil No Recoil Hack v3.0 | All Games

Unicoil No Recoil Hack v3.0 | All Games Unicoil No Recoil Hack v3.0 | All Games

Unicoil No Recoil Hack is a cheat that has been out there for a while that makes your dreams come true in any first person shooter game that you play. By keeping it completely external and just by manipulating your mouse input, this tool grants you no recoil in many games and pretty much every game, if you configure it correctly.

Unicoil No Recoil Hack is a tool to create a near perfect no recoil on your favorite games that have recoil enabled. It doesn't hack into game memory, only parses it for position data and emulates mouse movements so there is nothing to detect.

Of course the end result is entirely dependent on how the game handles recoil, if you're too close to target or if the bullet drop over distance is too fast then you won't see much benefit.

There are also some console games that actually do let you modify the collision detection radius so there's pretty much no point in using this tool.

How to Use Unicoil No Recoil Hack

  1. Download the cheat from our website down below
  2. Extract all the necessary files from the archive into another folder
  3. Set your desired settings either by adjusting "settings.ini" manually or by using the GUI in "CONFIGURATION" mode
  4. Set desired mode and toggle desired settings
  5. Launch your game, be it CSGO, be it BF or any other game
  6. Enjoy and have fun!

Unicoil No Recoil Hack | Changelog

UPDATE v2.0 Adjust keys and presets with "config.txt" - 2 Keybind Toggle selections - Adjust Recoil Strength and Delay for all 3 presets - Adjust Rapid Fire delay refer to Readme for more info UPDATE v3.0 Complete overhaul with Dear ImGui support

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