Tower of Fantasy Internal Cheat Free | ESP, Teleport, Rapid Attack & More

tower of fantasy internal cheat

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Tower of Fantasy Internal Cheat is one of the only internal DLL based Cheats for ToF out there. With bunch of features such as being able to teleport and see important objects behind walls, you will always be on top and easily completely every mission.

And if you require more strength to be able to defeat your foes quicker and more effectively, you can and you should activate the rapid attack feature which will make your attacks so much faster that you will able to destroy everything pretty much in an instant.

And if you are looking for other types of ToF Hacks such as Cheat Engine menus, here are some more Tower of Fantasy Cheats and Hacks.

tower of fantasy internal cheat

tower of fantasy internal cheat | esp, teleport, rapid attack & more

To see the cheat in action, click here for a short showcase video

Tower of Fantasy Internal Cheat | Features

  • 3D Box ESP (Chests / players / enemies / resources / everything)
  • Teleport to closest chest
  • Teleport to closest boss
  • Teleport at enemy while attacking
  • Always have perfect chest opens (chests never self destruct)
  • Auto Quest completion button
  • Rapid Attacks (Doesnt matter what kind of weapon you’re holding)

How to Use the Tower of Fantasy Internal Cheat

  1. First, download this great Free Hack for ToF from the button below
  2. Then download an injector, you can find many in our Injector Category
  3. Now run this injector you downloaded as an administrator.
  4. Start Tower of Fantasy
  5. Inject HottaHack.dll into the game via the injector that you downloaded
  6. Enjoy the cheat to its fullest!
  • If you are using GH injector (if you use extreme it crashes)
  • LoadLibraryExW
  • ThreadHijacking
  • Hijack handle = true
  • then inject AFTER the character is loaded into your world

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