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toad minecraft auto clicker

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Toad Minecraft Auto Clicker is probably one of the best Free to use Autoclickers for Minecraft that there is. With the amount of features that this cheat has, you will be the best clicker on the PvP server without even being detected or noticed by other players.

If you do not know what a Minecraft Auto Clicker Hack is, just like any auto clicker that you would see on Windows or Android, what it does is that it automatically clicks for you. Although it sounds very straight forward, it has ton of features that will make it possible to make it suit your gameplay.

How to Use the Toad Minecraft Auto Clicker

  1. First of all, download the cheat from the download button below if you have not done that already
  2. Once the autoclicker tool is downloaded on your device, you can extract the files from the archive
  3. Run Minecraft, open the folder where the autoclicker hack is and run that as well
  4. Boom, change whatever you like and enjoy it!

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Toad Minecraft Auto Clicker Features

Clicker Tab

  • Left Autoclicker
  • Rmb lock
  • Blatant Mode
  • Slot Whitelist
  • Click in inventory
  • Prioritize higher cps
  • Slot whitelist
  • Right Autoclicker
  • Click in inventory
  • Click only in inventory

Configs Tab

  • Presets for popular servers
  • Custom config system

Recorder Tab

  • Settings and info box
  • Record click delays and play them back
  • Save and load system
  • See average cps, record status, total clicks and delays.

Misc Tab

  • Beep on toggle
  • Hide bind
  • Custom Window options
  • Jitter
  • Set color themes

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