TinyTopia Trainer Hack 2021

tinytopia trainer hack 2021

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TinyTopia Trainer Hack 2021

TinyTopia Trainer Hack has all the features you need to master this game and own infinite amount of money. You can download this cheat for free

About TinyTopia

Tinytopia’s tiny citizens expect you, their newly elected mayor, to build and develop the peaceful, vibrant and prosperous toy towns they can live in. And of course, to protect them from all kinds of sweet disasters.

With a physics-based construction mechanic at the heart of Tinytopia, stack and connect toy building blocks across a series of mini-lots, transforming people into charming towns and urban areas bustling town. The only limit is your imagination!

Tinytopia is a fun mix of city building, physics-based challenges, and ohso satisfying destruction. Use a collection of toy structures, tools, and services to create your own digital office destination, combining 23 real and imagined locations.

With innovative physics-based mechanics, miniature building blocks can be combined and stacked to form amazing superstructures! There are over 80 maps to explore!
Are you looking for a challenge worthy of a mayor like you? Physics-based Tinytopia will test the limits of your planning, balance, timing and creativity.
Protect your little citizens from disasters such as tornadoes, fires, monster attacks, UFOs and more. Or flip a switch and watch them all crash!
And the most important message we can convey to you, the new Mayor of Tinytopia …

TinyTopia Trainer Hack Features

  • Add 500k$
  • Add 100 Population
  • Set Happiness to 100%
  • Apply Air Quality Bonus
  • Kill Monster
  • Kill UFOs
  • Stop Protests
  • Add Power to Producers
  • Power Builds Outside Range
  • No Building Fires
  • Complete Level

How to Use TinyTopia Trainer Hack

  1. Download the trainer
  2. Extract it from the RAR archive
  3. Use DoorStop / BepInEx or a Standalone injector to inject the dll into the game
  4. Enjoy 🙂



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