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the rake remastered script

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A multitude of versions of The Rake REMASTERED Script are available. If you are interested in obtaining hacks such as Walkspeed, ESP, and others, a list of The Rake Remastered Script that you can use right now has been provided for your convenience below. This list is provided for your benefit because we want to make it as easy as possible for you to access these hacks. On the Roblox platform, there is a huge selection of horrifying video games that may be played. Some examples of these games are Evade, Dead Silence, A Horror Story, The Stalker, and The Nurse.

Features of The Rake REMASTERED Script

  • Rake Esp

If, on the other hand, you are looking for something that has stood the test of time, we recommend that you play The Rake Remastered, which is a three-dimensional experience based on Slender Man. Developed by NASARealist in 2018, the horrifying video game known as The Rake Remastered was released in 2018. The players’ goal in this game is to avoid being caught by the Rake and to make it through the night without being killed for a total of eight minutes.

Players have an easier time exploring the map during the daytime, when the rake has returned to its cave, and using the points they have acquired to make purchases from the shop using those points. The fact that it has received more than 100 million views and that it has more than 2,500 individuals playing it at the same time is evidence of how addictive the game is. It is a very popular game overall.

the rake remastered script

If you are interested in either increasing your running speed or gaining an endless number of points that can be used to purchase essential items, the following is a list of all of the Rake Remastered Scripts that you may use right now and the conditions under which each one can be activated. Endless Scrap, Stun Stick Aura, ESP, Walkspeed, and Jump Power are just some of the feature-packed scripts that can be used with the Rake Remastered. There is a large selection of these kinds of scripts available. As a result, without further ado, the following is a summary of all of the ones that are currently operating, which are as follows:

How to Use The Rake REMASTERED Script

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