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Let me start with the The Hunter Hack. The Hunter game is a different and fun game where you can distract yourself and spend time. You can be strong and wild by equipping weapons in the game. Each weapon has a different power and effect. You are in a nature in the game and I think the scenery is very beautiful. The visuals and animations of the animals are satisfying. You are briefly a hunter in the game. The The Hunter Hack does not have huge possibilities and I want to say that it is still v1.

You will have high possibilities in the game. The developer will update the The Hunter Hack frequently and when it is updated you will be able to see it here. With the cheat, you will be able to improve much faster in the game. Practical. Don’t forget to check out the Free Hack and Cheat content on our site.

the hunter hack

DVP Note: First, hello everyone. I’m doing a hack project for this game since I’ve been playing it for a long time and it’s one of my favorites, but sometimes it’s tedious and we need some help. I am a novice and new to the topic of external hackHere I leave my humble hack that currently only has one functional option, lodge Inventory in any place, but I hope that with the help of all of you we can do better, my biggest weakness is looking for the static pointers and offsets and of course the most difficult thing to do.

My is to find the entity list to be able to do the ESP of animals.If you want to collaborate with me to continue adding options to the hack, do not hesitate to write to me and tell me if you have found any other static pointer of interest to modify the hack, I promise that I will keep trying, I am currently incorporating the imGUI menu to make it look better.

How to Run The Hunter Hack

  1. Run Game Normaly.
  2. Run Hack.
  3. Press INSERT Key to open menu.
  4.  Navigate with UP, DOWN, RIGHT and LEFT for on/off or other options

Remember: Right now only Lodge Inventory an crosshair in functional for now.


the hunter hack

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