The Finals AHK Recoil Hack | Supports All Weapons

The Finals AHK Recoil Hack | Supports All Weapons The Finals AHK Recoil Hack | Supports All Weapons

As the title suggests, the The Finals AHK Recoil Hack is completely free. All you need to do is copy and paste the downloaded code into Notepad, then change the extension to .ahk.

For example: new text document.txt => new text document.ahk. The autohotkey application must be installed for the script to work.

Important Information:

The The Finals Recoil Cheat works when you right-click to shoot.

Before testing in a regular match, try it in practice mode.

Sometimes, it may kick you from the game to the main screen when you first activate it, but you can reconnect and continue where you left off by selecting "reconnect."

I haven't received any bans so far, and neither has my friend.

Before using the The Finals Cheat, adjust your mouse settings as follows.

How to run:

1) Open the "settings.ini" file using Notepad and set your sensitivity.
2) Run "RunMe.ahk".


TTS should tell you what is selected;

F1 - Disabled
F2 - M11
F3 - XP-54
F4 - AKM
F6 - M60
F7 - Lewis Gun
End - Closes Program

Patterns could be improved (especially for Lewis gun and M60)

Features of The Finals AHK Recoil Hack | Supports All Weapons
  • No Recoil
  • No Spread
  • Disabled
  • M11
  • Xp-54
  • Akm
  • Fcar
  • M60
  • Lewis Gun
  • Closes Program
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  • venom500

    how to run ahk file

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    • ryanrizz

      lmaooo its work, thanks man, got detect if open file first then open the game, only got notification if u using cheat, but not banned, u can open when in game, thats why this game have so many cheater, this game suckk

       (0)  (0) Reply
      • itsmeee

        its detect!!

         (0)  (0) Reply
        • GOPZ

          my file is still locked after doing that i needed to get the file. how do i get the file?

           (0)  (0) Reply
          • i keep getting an error for mixed versions and im not sure how to go about fixing this issue. i was getting a different error before but seemed to have moved past that one and no longer get it. How do i fix the mixed versions error.

             (0)  (0) Reply
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