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I am pleased to introduce the TeaLoader to you. Since Team Fortress 2 has the same VAC system and various similarities to CS:GO, it was fortunately easier for me to make a cheat loader for Team Fortress 2 after the MadLoader project. It offers many included cheats, an undetected integrated injector and it offers many features such as an integrated software updater, a Custom Injector, a repair files method in case the antivirus gives a false alarm again and many other stuff. There will be regular updates, and a live status for the cheats is of course also included.


-Start Team Fortress 2 Button
-Close Steam Button
-Custom Injector
-Software Updater (Automatic)
-Repair files method
-Inject Buttons
-Live status
More coming soon..


-Turn off any antivirus on your computer
-Extract the file
-Start the “TeaLoader Setup.exe” as administrator
-Install the TeaLoader
-After setup you can start the TeaLoader

How to Use:

– Turn off any antivirus on your computer
– Close Steam
– Click on [VAC-ByPass-Loader]
– Wait until the initialization is successful
– Start Team Fortress 2
– Click on the Cheat what you want
– Enjoy !

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