TAYLER V2 Counter Strike 1.6 NO STEAM cheat

TAYLER V2 Counter Strike 1.6 NO STEAM cheat

On this occasion I share with you an undetectable  Console software/hack for counter strike 1.6 NO STEAM. I also share a method to avoid anticheat SXE INJECTED


  1. Disable Windows Defender or antivirus because it can give false negatives and delete files from the RAR.
  2. Open the sxe
  3. open tayler.exe, a window opens, look for the official folder where you have the cs installed
  4. Select (hl.exe) you select it and there the game opens alone...
  5. When the game opens, leave it without touching anything for about 5 seconds, then you open the console and all the information should appear, if it appears it is because it is already activated.

Most important method:

Evade Anti Cheat SXE INJECTED: right click on the SXE injected icon, look for the official location of the injected, once there in the sxe folder delete the ddsxei or dddriver file from the sxe injected folder. READY! now you can use any software with SXE

Features of TAYLER V2 Counter Strike 1.6 NO STEAM cheat
  • Aimbot (smooth-fov-recoil-truwall-
  • Antiscreen
  • Autoname
  • Localglow
  • Esp
  • Esp-glow
  • Esp-light
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