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stands awakening script

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Create a new Stands Awakening Script for the Roblox Stands Awakening game; this will be our website’s second straight script for the game, and if you were looking for a script, we recommend that you use this one instead of looking for another one.

Features of Stands Awakening Script

  • Farm All Items
  • Auto Skills
  • Esp
  • WalkSpeed
  • JumpPower
  • And More!

Among its many features are the following: infinite Rokakaka, infinite Arrow, infinite Change Stand, player farm, walkspeed, jumppower, ESP players, noclip, auto skills, and more. This brand-new Stands Awakening script comes with a number of powerful and attractive new features. The fact that the script won’t require a Key System will make activation a great deal less complicated.

stands awakening script

Because of its features, you open up new doors of opportunity that are unavailable to the other competitors. On our website, you’ll find the script for Stands Awakening, which you may download. We really hope you enjoy it, and be sure to come back soon to check for updates and new features.

How to Use Stands Awakening Script


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