Souldiers Trainer Hack

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By using the Souldiers Trainer Hack, you can easily achieve everything you want. You can get the missions in the game in a short time and you can easily earn XP. You will not have any difficulty in buying new equipment and you can progress in the story. Thanks to the easy menu of the cheat, you can get everything you want and activate it easily. I have left the instructions for use below for you.

It is not very difficult to install. The game is very fun and a comic book-like game. You can earn xp and money in the game by progressing in the game with special abilities and potions, doing tasks and killing npc. The cheat will become a friend to you as you progress through the story.

Features Of Souldiers Trainer Hack

souldiers trainer hack

How To Use Souldiers Trainer Hack

(If using BepInEx (Recommended) – Place the Trainer dll within the ‘BepInEx\Plugins’ folder.)

  1. You need an injector to run the cheat. You can take a look at the Free Injectors category on our site.
  2. Run the game and open the injector and select SouldiersTrainer.dll.
  3. Inject it into the game and enjoy afterwards.


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