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sons of the forest cheat

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Everyone can get the free ReiHook Sons of the Forest Cheat for the Steam version of Sons of the Forest. Using this hack, you will have access to functions for endless stamina, infinite health, player customization, no hunger, no thirst, esp, and much more. It is also convenient and safe.

Features of Sons of the Forest Cheat

Menu Key: F4

  • Transform [LeftControl]
  • Give All Items
  • Teleport to Bunker/Cave
  • Teleport All Actors to LocalPlayer
  • Enable ESP
  • Alternative ESP
  • Enemy [Name, Distance]
  • Animal [Name, Distance]
  • Hostile Animals [Name, Distance]
  • NPC [Name, Distance]
  • Cave & Bunker [Name, Distance]
  • Cannibal Village [Name, Distance]
  • Unlimited Health [Includes No Fall Damage]
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Max Strength
  • No Hunger
  • No Thirst
  • Never Tired
  • No Cold
  • Instant Build
  • Unlimited Logs
  • Max Ammo
  • Spawn Items
  • Send Command
  • Mutant Invasion [Spawns 5 Mutants of each type]
  • Dump Items

sons of the forest cheat

You can modify Sons of the Forest with cheats and console commands, although only to a limited extent without using an external cheats mod. Having said that, one of the things you can do is use any item ID available in Sons of the Forest to generate whatever item you want.

This is such a comprehensive feature that we even gave it its own page at the link provided! Here are your current possibilities for Sons of the Forest cheats and console commands if you want to know what else is possible, both legally and illegally. With over 400,000 players, Sons of the Forest is presently one of the top online survival games on Steam.

If you’re one of the gamers that struggles to complete unique tasks or merely wish to use the game’s hidden features, this cheat will come in helpful. With the Sons of the Forest ReiHook Sons of the Forest Cheat  menu at your disposal, you can constantly be aware of where your foes are, maintain a high level of health, avoid getting fatigued, and much more.

How to Use Sons of the Forest Cheat

  • First of all, download the cheat and put the dll file in it to the desktop.
  • Open the game
  • Run your injector, if you don’t have an injector, you can browse the free injectors category on our site.
  • Select the dll and the game from the injector
  • Inject it into the game and it’s done!
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