SecHex HWID Spoofer v1.5.6

SecHex HWID Spoofer v1.5.6

The "SecHex HWID Spoofer " (HWID Changer) works only for simple HWID Bans. Not for games like Valorant or something! Updates soon. You accept that you have read this disclaimer, that you understand it, and that you agree to be bound by it by using the HWID Spoofing Tool. Do not continue using the Tool if you disagree with any of the terms contained in this disclaimer.

Disclaimer of SecHex HWID Spoofer:

Before using the Free Spoofer (hence referred to as "Tool"), which may be found on this Cheater.Ninja site, please read the following disclaimer in its entirety. You are indicating that you accept the terms of this disclaimer by accessing or using the Tool.

This SecHex HWID Spoofer is offered solely for educational and informative reasons, therefore please use it at your own discretion and risk. The purpose of this exercise is to show the idea of HWID spoofing and some of the potential uses of this technique.

Although the SecHex HWID Spoofer has been tested on a virtual system and attempts have been taken to verify that it functions properly, the Tool is given "as is" and does not include any promises or warranties of any sort of any kind. It is impossible for me to guarantee that the Tool will function faultlessly on all systems or that it will not produce any problems or harm.

The SecHex HWID Spoofer is provided for your own personal use, and as such, you are completely responsible for any and all actions and repercussions that may result from its utilization. It is up to you to make sure that your use of the Tool complies with any and all relevant laws, rules, and guidelines, as well as any and all terms of service or conditions of usage that may be applicable.

Legal Implications The use of "Free HWID spoofing tools" might be unlawful or violate the terms of service of some software or services. This could have significant repercussions. It is your duty to learn about the laws and terms that govern the use of such tools in your region or in regard to a particular piece of software or service, and to act in accordance with such laws and conditions.

About SecHex HWID Spoofer:

Disk Spoofing

  • Retrieves SCSI ports and buses information from the Windows registry.
  • Checks if the device type is a disk peripheral.
  • Generates random identifiers and serial numbers for the disk peripheral.
  • Updates the registry values for the disk peripheral with the new identifiers and serial numbers.

Guid Spoofing 

  • Generates new GUIDs (Globally Unique Identifiers) for various registry keys.
  • Updates the HwProfileGuid, MachineGuid, and MachineId registry values with new GUIDs.
  • Generates a random BIOS release date.

PC-name Spoofing

  • Spoofs the computer name by updating various registry keys.
  • Retrieves the original computer name from the registry.
  • Generates a random new computer name.
  • Updates the registry values for ComputerName, ActiveComputerName, Hostname, and NV Hostname.

MAC ID Spoofing

  • Attempts to spoof the MAC address of network adapters.
  • Retrieves network adapters information from the Windows registry.
  • Generates a random MAC address.
  • Updates the registry values for the MAC address with the new spoofed address.
  • Disables and enables the local area connection to apply the changes.

Ubisoft Cache Cleaner

  • Cleans the Cache of Ubisoft

Valorant Cache Cleaner

  • Cleans the Cache of Valorant

Installation ID Spoofing

  • Attempts to spoof the Windows ID by changing the MachineGuid registry value.
  • Retrieves the current MachineGuid value from the registry.
  • Generates a new random spoofed MachineGuid.
  • Saves the before and after log information.
  • Updates the registry value with the spoofed MachineGuid.

Spoof EFI Bootloader

  • Opens the registry key for EFI variables.
  • Retrieves the current EFI Variable ID from the registry.
  • •Generates a new random EFI Variable ID.
  • Updates the registry value with the new EFI Variable ID.


  • Opens the registry key for SMBIOS data.
  • Retrieves the current SystemSerialNumber from the registry.
  • Generates a new random SystemSerialNumber.
  • Updates the registry value with the new SystemSerialNumber.

Get all System informations [New]

  • Get all System informations.

Registry Checker [New] 

  • Defines an array of registry entries to check.
  • Checks if the registry keys specified in the array exist.
  • Creates a list of missing registry entries.
  • Displays an error message with the missing entries, if any.
  • Displays a success message if all registry entries are found.

Log System [New] (testing)

  • Log every Change in a .txt

Backup System [New] (testing)

  • Create a Backup as .reg

Product ID Spoofing [New] (testing)

  • Opens the registry key "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion" under the LocalMachine hive.
  • Retrieves the current value of the "ProductId" registry entry.
  • Generates a new random product ID using the RandomIdprid(20) method.
  • Sets the registry value of "ProductId" to the new generated product ID.

Display Spoofing [New] (testing)

  • Spoofs display settings by modifying the registry.
  • Opens the registry key for display settings.
  • Generates a random display ID.
  • Updates the registry values for MRU0, MRU1, MRU2, MRU3, and MRU4.

SecHex Cleaner [New] (testing)

  • DNS Flush
  • Temp Cleaner
  • Windows Logs • Win Temp
  • TCP Reset
  • Chrome Cookies
  • Recent Documents

How to Use the SecHex Spoofer

  1. First of all download the SecHex Spoofer spoofer by clicking the button right below this post.
  2. Once it has been downloaded extract the files into a folder of your choice.
  3. Launch the spoofer.exe.
  4. Select the options that you would like to spoof.
  5. Enjoy!

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Features of SecHex HWID Spoofer v1.5.6
  • Disk Spoofing
  • Guid Spoofing
  • Pc-name Spoofing
  • Mac Id Spoofing
  • Ubisoft Cache Cleaner
  • Valorant Cache Cleaner
  • Installation Id Spoofing
  • Spoof Efi Bootloader
  • Spoof Smbios
  • Get All System Informations
  • Registry Checker
  • Log System
  • Backup System
  • Product Id Spoofing
  • Display Spoofing
  • Sechex Cleaner
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