Sea of Thieves Steam Only Hack | Free Sea Of Gods Cheat

Sea of Thieves Steam Only Hack | Free Sea Of Gods Cheat Sea of Thieves Steam Only Hack | Free Sea Of Gods Cheat

The Sea of Thieves Steam Only Hack allows you to build your own character in the game much more swiftly and gain experience points in a very short amount of time. The game is a fun pirate game in which you become the leader of your own squad and go on a never-ending assortment of maritime adventures.

Free Sea Of Gods Hack Download

Through the use of cheating in the game, you are able to beat your foes much more quickly and get a great deal of equipment with a great deal of ease by playing at the finest moments.Keep in mind that this is a cool Sea of Thieves Steam Only Hack that can only be used on Steam's platform. You may have a look at our Sea of Thieves Hack category on our website if you are seeking for a fun hack that is also functional outside of Steam since it is available there.

Issues - Q&A :

Crash When Inject DLL

Problem :

Disable all overlays on your computer such as (Discord, Nvidia, Steam, Xbox game bar, etc..)

Aimbot Cannon dosen't work
When you use the cannon the green aim mark appears on ship, to make it aim on ships hold right click in mouse.

How to use :

Inject DLL with Process Hacker 2 or Cheat Engine.. etc.
• [INS] Open Menu.
• [END] Unload Menu.


• Works on all Windows versions.
• Steam Only.
• Game Version: 2.10.1

Change Log Update : 5 Mar 2024

1. Fixed esp lag + drop FPS.

2. General fixes and improvements to cheat.

3. Returned settings file path to the injection folder.

4. Changed font of cheat to make it support symbols.

5. Added compass feature.

6. Added fast Reload feature.

7. Added player bones + health bar + esp box.

8. Added skeleton bones + health bar + esp box.

9. Added animals esp box.

10. Added buoyant barrel items.

11. Added shark bones.

12. Added Harpoon aimbot.

13. Added bunny hop.

14. Fixed drop fps to ship status.

15. Fixed player list crash.

Features of Sea of Thieves Steam Only Hack | Free Sea Of Gods Cheat
  • • Client
  • • Player Fov
  • • Oxygen Level
  • • Crosshair
  • • Time Of Day
  • • Esp
  • • Player Esp
  • • Skeletons Esp
  • • Ship Esp
  • • Islands Esp
  • •islands Items
  • • Map Marks
  • • Vaults
  • • Barrels
  • • Items
  • • Treasures Box
  • • Animals
  • • Sharks
  • • Etc
  • • World
  • • Shipwrecks
  • • World Events
  • • Etc
  • • Aimbot
  • • Weapons Aimbot
  • • Players
  • • Skeletons
  • • Gunpowder
  • • Canon Aimbot
  • • Chain Shots [f1]
  • • Players
  • • Skeletons Ships
  • • Ghost Ships
  • • Etc
  • • Global
  • • Map Pins
  • • Players List
  • • Antiafk
  • • Walk Underwater
  • • Save
  • • Save Settings
  • • Load Settings
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  • IAMDeiviD_5

    I don't know why but when I try to inject it the game crashes, can someone please help me?

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    • kaindal

      i get it but game get crash after some time

       (0)  (0) Reply
      • kaindal

        more detiles about open menu and did i need injector for it

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