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sea of thieves hack

 Last Version: 11/11/2021

 Developers: kierak Report Cheat

Hello, today I will introduce you the Sea Of Thieves Hack.We all need a solid cheat that will make the game easier. I’m sure this is what you’re looking for. Even if it doesn’t have perfect features, it will do the job well enough.

Sea Of Thieves is an extremely fun game. One becomes the captain and one becomes the crew.

You have to explore the islands in the endless ocean and fight against different pirates. The strongest with the best weapons will win the battles. You can bombard each other with ships from afar, or you can open your sails and escape quickly.


Features Of Sea Of Thieves Hack :

  • Barrel Auto Collect
  • Loot Sprint, Bhop
  • Reload Gun Faster (≈20%)
  • Anti-AFK
  • Cannon Reload
  • Sword Lunge
  • Auto Digging
  • Freeze and Unfreeze the Game Anytime

Sea Of Thieves Hack Keybinds:

  • Bhop: Space
  • Auto Digging: Ctrl + G
  • Reload Gun Faster: Ctrl + J (Toggle ON/OFF)
  • Barrel Auto Collect: Ctrl + F
  • Loot Sprint: V
  • Anti-AFK: Ctrl + F12 (Toggle ON/OFF)
  • Auto Bucket: Ctrl + H
  • Cannon Reload: Ctrl + Right Mouse Button
  • Sword Lunge: Ctrl + Alt + S
  • Freeze and Unfreeze the Game Anytime: Ctrl + X
  • Toggle On/Off the whole Script: F12

For some the Script needs AutoHotKey to be installed, here‘s the download link.
For Loot Sprint to work You will need to turn on Reduce hold to interact in the Accessibility Settings
For Barrel Auto Collect to work You will need to change your DPI to 800 and in Game Sensitivity to 1.7

Good Game

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