Sea of Thieves FOV Changer Tool

Sea of Thieves FOV Changer Tool

Sea of Thieves FOV Changer Tool is a hacking program for SoT that will allow to you change your field of view rate to your liking in the game without having to go through any hassle at all.

Are you tired of the fixed FOV in Sea of Thieves? Well, worry no more because we have created a hack to let you customize your field-of-view rate and make it as good as you can imagine. t even has GUI meanu that will let you use the slider to change that specific value which takes effect immediately after.

How to Use Sea of Thieves FOV Changer Tool

  1. Download the tool from our website where you can find many other SoT Cheats as well
  2. Extract the cheat file from the archive
  3. Launch SoT
  4. Run the cheat as admin afterwards
  5. Enjoy and have tons of fun!



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