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 Last Version: 10/10/2021

 Developers: Saz Report Cheat

Hello, you know that many cheats are shared for you on Cheater.Ninja website but these cheats may not always be .exe extensions, sometimes the cheats come internally and you need an injector. SazInjector comes into play here. You can use all .dll extension cheats with this injector. This injector will help you to run the hack’s downloaded .dll file, injector SazInjector will do it fast and error free. The injector was personally tested by me in the game CS:GO and everything worked fine, but the author claims that Saz injector works with any game. Download yourself and check questions and suggestions in the comments. This injector has Manual Map Injection and Load Library injection. Thank you for using Saz Injector !


How to use – SazInjector

  1. Turn off any antivirus on your computer
  2. Extract all the files using WinRAR (Password : 123)
  3. Launch the .exe file (Saz Injector)
  4. Select a type of injection (**Manual Map recommended)
  5. Choose a process
  6. Add a dll (every dlls added with Load Library option are stocked in C:/Windows/SazInjectorTempFile/RandomdllName)
  7. Set up settings (top left corner)
  8. Run VBL (VAC-Bypass-Loader) (Optional)
  9. Press Inject button
  10. Enjoy !


If you want to avoid VAC ban:

  1. Run the injector and the .dll file from an external disk or USB
  2. Run the VBL (VAC-Bypass-Loader)
  3. Select “Manual Map” Injection
  4. Clear Temp Files (Settings or manually)
  5. Clear recent dlls (Settings)
  6. Check “Random Forms string” (Settings)
  7. Check “Close After Injection” (Settings) Join us on Discord :
  8. VBL Download link :


If you have any problem, bug or recommendation, open a ticket on the discord server.
Good to know : Some dlls aren’t working with the Manual Map injection (For example : Osiris.dll).
If the game crash after the injection, try to use Load Library option. .Thanks to Keji ­čśë

File checked, no virus detected DOWNLOAD Only logged in users can download cheat.

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