Rust Mem Solutions Cheat

Rust Mem Solutions Cheat Rust Mem Solutions Cheat

Dear ninja members, enjoy your gaming experience with the integrated Rust Mem Solutions Cheat. No need for thanks. a complimentary cheat for Rust is available exclusively for you, courtesy of developer 0x228. As you can infer from the name, this is indeed a genuine cheat. Naturally, there might be some initial confusion before you successfully activate it, but isn’t it worth the effort for a free cheat for playing Rust? Please note that I cannot guarantee its undetectability, although it is currently listed as undetected.


Transfer mem-solution_dumped.sys on mapper.exe

Join to the rust and the server ( the menu will only appear on the server )

If you received a bsod when entering the rust - this is normal, this is how this paste works, you need to perform the procedure again.

Transfer the Fonts files to C:\Windows

Telegram to help - @Krystal_RM

Features of Rust Mem Solutions Cheat
  • Main
  • Esp
  • Player Box
  • Player Name
  • Player Health
  • Player Distance
  • Offline Raid Alert
  • Corpse Esp
  • Item Esp
  • Heli Esp
  • Animal Esp
  • Ore Esp
  • Stash Esp
  • Collectable Esp
  • Bradley Apc Esp
  • Mini Copter Esp
  • Player List
  • Aimbot
  • Draw Fov Circle
  • Draw Aim Spot
  • Show Locked Player
  • Show Locked Bone
  • Draw Tracers
  • Draw Skeletons
  • Ignore Sleepers
  • Misc
  • No Recoil
  • No Sway
  • Always Day
  • Spider Man Climb
  • Auto Farm
  • Loot
  • Stone Hatchet
  • Bone Knife
  • Stone Pickaxe
  • Green Keycard
  • Blue Keycard
  • Red Keycard
  • Fuse
  • Sheet Metal Door
  • Code Lock
  • Small Stash
  • Large Furnace
  • Small Oil Refinery
  • And More
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