Roblox Hack Pet Simulator X

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 Last Version: 22/08/2021

 Developers: Petoss Report Cheat

Roblox Hack Pet Simulator X

Hello Dear followers, we are sharing a unique Roblox Hack Pet Simulator X with you. This hack can be called a unique hack for roblox lovers. There are many functions in it, you can troll your friends and increase your game pleasure. We continue to share Roblox hacks, stay tuned.If you wish, you can join our discord server. Don’t forget to check out our other roblox category

What is this Roblox Hack Pet Simulator X

It is one of the most popular games of Roblox. A beautiful game played by more than 100,000 people and received more than 80,000 likes. I can say that your aim in the game is to improve yourself and to be the best. There are certain pets in the game. With those pets, you can get new pets by digging gold and digging diamonds around. The higher the power of your pets, the faster you can dig. There are a lot of areas in the game and there are big chests in those areas. You can get more gold by digging them. Cheat will help you with this.

Features for Roblox Hack Pet Simulator X 

  • Auto Farm
  • Gamepass
  • WalkSpeed
  • JumPower
  • and more..



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  • Cheater
  • the hoverbord is the only thing that works for me the rest the gui and stuff doest show up even when i click tab l shft right shift and suchss

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