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Rainbow Six Siege NoRecoil Hack | Helpy Universal Recoil Helper

Rainbow Six Siege NoRecoil Hack | Helpy Universal Recoil Helper Rainbow Six Siege NoRecoil Hack | Helpy Universal Recoil Helper

With this free Universal Recoil Helper, you can gain the upper hand in Rainbow Six Siege and many other games thanks to the NoRecoil Hack feature. This Universal Recoil Helper has been tested with Rainbow Six Siege on Windows 10. It works for all types of mice, and I cannot assist with resolving issues related to Windows 11.

How to install:

[ You need GHUB V2021.11 ]

Ghub V2021.11 Download

- Download GHUB 2021.11(download above), and also V0.8 (if you have existing GHUB, uninstall it)
- Install GHUB first, blocked it by firewall (just search how to block a program in Windows using a firewall)
- Open GHUB (I guess after being installed, it will automatically open for you), minimize it, extract V0.8 files
- Open the application, open the game, go to shooting range to set your aim in every gun


Runs off of GHUB mouse driver without Logitech Hardware
[Instructions included]

Auto Config: it reads your game settings from config and adjusts itself accordingly


A steaming pile of SHIT but with Custom Profiles + Better Menu
Added Menu Improvements
Added Added Custom profiles
Added Config File back [Now BROKEN FML]
Added Weapon timings to Window
Reworked Driver Interface
Improved Performance

V0.8 FIxed:

Fixed config

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Free Download Rainbow Six Siege NoRecoil Hack | Helpy Universal Recoil Helper

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  • mind

    can somebody help i have no idea what do do i clicked ownload and it said logitech download so i did that and launched the ighub installer but i do not see anytthing else from there

     (0)  (0) Reply
    • Bot3

      First download logitech as you said, then click the grey "Download" button right above this it will pop up a second window then click "Get link" It will open a download then just wait the 3 seconds and press "Download" Extract and open Word.exe

       (0)  (0)
      • maathfreitas

        nao tem mais o donwload ?

         (0)  (0) Reply
        • Insokoo

          It's working but what the best setting for u ? I have recoil but not much

           (0)  (0) Reply
          • Bot3

            I don't use this haha! I don't play R6 anymore

             (2)  (0)
            • where to install v0.8?? i did ghub but dont see cheat

               (0)  (0) Reply
              • Bot3

                Open word.exe and then open your game

                 (0)  (0)
                • found it but idk how to extract, i did it with win, but i dont see a application to run or does it automatically do it after opening r6?

                   (0)  (0)
                  • imbetterforu

                    Doesn't work???

                     (0)  (0) Reply
                    • Bot3

                      Make sure you install the GHub 2021, as it uses Ghub driver to work.

                       (0)  (0)
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