Rainbow Six Siege AFK Farm Bot v3

Rainbow Six Siege AFK Farm Bot v3 Rainbow Six Siege AFK Farm Bot v3

This is an Rainbow Six Siege AFK Farm Bot designed to automate game queueing processes for the purpose of earning XP, avoiding kicks, and potentially deranking. Please exercise caution. Ubisoft may impose initial 15-day bans, followed by permanent bans. You might wonder why one would risk using an AFK bot despite the ban risk.

There are several practical reasons. For instance, it can swiftly level up new accounts from level 0 without active involvement. Additionally, it can be used to decrease KD ratios without enduring tedious matches, or to lower your rank if it's too high. However, it's important to note that the ban is not guaranteed.


  • A beep will sound upon activation/deactivation.
  • It won't function if you're the party leader; it's best used solo.
  • It's highly recommended to rebind the Shoot function in-game to prevent team killing.

How To Run Rainbow Six Siege AFK Farm Bot

  1. Download and add as exception to anti-virus (it might get flagged as it manages your keys)
  2. Extract the EXE file from the RAR archive into its own folder
  3. Run bot and R6
  4. Queue for a gamemode
  5. Activate bot (F2)

Features of Rainbow Six Siege AFK Farm Bot v3
  • Will Restart Automatically If R6 Crashes
  • Will Continue To Queue For Games After One Finishes
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