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project menacing script

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The Free Project Menacing script will help you with this, it has a few useful functions: Grab All Items, GodMode and Invisible (Player). These qualities are enough to give you an advantage over others, the most important thing is to become immortal – not to kill anyone. The script works and is available for free on our website. The world has been changed. The world is in chaos and you are reborn as an ordinary man who lives in Japan.

In this story, everyone is fighting for their lives and you have to be courageous enough to survive against them. This game is quite popular among young children. Roblox Project Menacing was created in 2020 and was online with almost 8 million accesses at the beginning of 2021.

project menacing script

How To Run Project Menacing Script

  1. You need a free roblox exploits first to run the script. ( Fluxus, Krnl , Vega x…)
  2. Then copy the script from our site and paste it into your exploit.
  3. Run Project Menacing.
  4. Attach/inject your exploit.
  5. After that, it will be enough to Execute.
  6. Good games.

Features Of Project Menacing Script

  • Grab Items
  • God Mode
  • And More

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  • Dollar
  • This barely works. You can’t turn invisible, and you cant even collect said items. The only thing that works is god mode and you being able to tp to other people. Dont waste your time using this.

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