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prestige mod menu

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 Developers: Goku Report Cheat

Prestige Mod Menu is a mod menu with a pretty good reputation for GTA 5 Online. This Prestige Mod Menu exists among other hacks for GTA 5 for a short time. In the GTA Online mode, you have complete control over the game and the participants. This hack is very easy to install and configure; simply follow the instructions and you will be able to run it without any issues. Good Games!

You can have superior advantages and features in the game. It will allow you to get everything you want in a short time. It is compatible in the new version of Gta V Online. You can use it simply and get anything you want.Don’t forget to check out other Free Gta V Hack and Cheat content on our site.

prestige mod menu

How to use the Prestige Mod Menu?

  1. Open “Prestige_Launcher.exe”.
  2. Press “Get Key”.
  3. Follow the steps in Linkvertise.
  4. Once you have your personnal key, enter it into the launcher.
  5. Press “Download Files” (It can take some time, because it is downloading the menu files.)
  6. Make sure to be in GTA Story Mode and press “Inject”.
  7. The menu window should appear on your screen.
  8. Go in GTA and press “F4 or *”.

Enjoy your game with Goku Menu! =)

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