Pinnacle Rust No Recoil Hack [External + Open Source]

Pinnacle Rust No Recoil Hack [External + Open Source] Pinnacle Rust No Recoil Hack [External + Open Source]

There weren't many No Recoil Hacks for the Rust game, and I decided to compile and update a resource I acquired from Github and re-release it, so I'm releasing the Pinnacle Rust No Recoil Hack

This Rust Macro Cheat is a script that prevents weapons from recoiling. it doesn't work for all weapons, but it basically works great for important weapons. i tested it for about 2 weeks and when your Sensitivity setting in-game was the same as the one in the cheat menu, AK + HOLO worked great. i can't say the same for others, but you'll feel the recoil of your weapons decrease when you start using this free rust hack

The Rust No Recoil Hack is in .exe format but it's a batch file, which makes it hard to detect. As the EAC is updated over time, it's likely that it will be detected. I don't recommend using this Free Rust Recoil Hack on your main accounts and I don't care about your possible game bans.


Get the Rust hack from the download button below

Extract the downloaded pinnacle_recoil.rar to folder (Archive Password: 123)

Start Rust Game

Run pinnacle_recoil.exe as administrator

Enjoy :)

Note: If the cheat doesn't work, select fullscreen windowed mode in the display settings, then it will work.

Source Code: [Github Link]

NOTE: If you paid for this Hack you probably got scammed Because This Hack is Completely Free!!

Features of Pinnacle Rust No Recoil Hack [External + Open Source]

  • Sensivity
  • Fov
  • Ak
  • Lr
  • Mp5
  • Smg
  • Thomp
  • Reset
  • Mod Reset
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Free Download Pinnacle Rust No Recoil Hack [External + Open Source]

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  • atomwa

    Is hack undetect now?

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    • Afloi42

      mann repair the cheat i get vac bans from 3 accounts

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      • xx44

        Is there a multipurpose cheat?

         (0)  (0) Reply
        • Afloi42

          On hlmgl pls

           (0)  (0) Reply
          • Pinnacle

            It works a little bit when I use the ak feature for this.

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