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 Developers: PappyG Report Cheat

The Phasmophobia Cheat is a high quality and highly functional cheat designed by PappyG. Phasmophobia is an extremely fun horror game. I don’t like horror games because I’m an extremely cowardly person. I could smash my screen at any moment. But of course you can be a horror game addict. You have to do the tasks given in the game and try to survive. With light, you can easily complete missions and walk around.

The cheat has many features, thanks to which you can progress in the game much more easily. Do not forget to summarize the features of the cheat that I have mentioned below. I also explained how it works. The hack is nice, but don’t forget to check out other Free Phasmophobia Hack and Cheat content on our site.

How to Use Phasmophobia Cheat

  1. Download Phasmophobia Cheat
  2. Extract the Cheat Table from the archive
  3. Download and install Cheat Engine if you haven’t already
  4. Run the cheat
  5. Enjoy!

Free Phasmophobia Cheat Features

  • LightMode/DarkMode (Changed Menu’s Background Colors)
  • EnableCheats (Activates Cheats)DontSpam!
  • Fullbright (Brightens Environment Lighting (May cause fps drop if too many
    lights active, or if in a large map)) Lowered light render distance, should help with fps
  • Binds (List Of Keybinds) Added keybinds for number keys, aswell as ‘F’ keys
  • SpoofID (Changes Steam ID to NoSteam)
  • NewName (Create a multiplayer private lobby, Type a new name under
    ‘NewName’ PRESS ENTER then change your character model to update name.)
  • TP (Teleport = To Truck, To Death Room, To Custom Position.)
  • Player (Opens Player Window)
  • InfStam (Infinite Stamina)
  • MaxReach (Very Far Reach)
  • MovementSpeed (Edit Movement Speed)
  • ThrowStrength (Edit Throw Strength)
  • Sanity (Edit Player Sanity)
  • Invincible (Cant Die)
  • HOST: Despawns Ghost On Attack (EveryoneInvincible)
  • NotHost: Spawns Body, Drops inventory, cant use any items,
    Cant close van.
  • NoClip (Fly, Clips Through Map(Space for up, CTRL for down, Can only clip up and down))
    If you audio breaks, go through the main door or up/down stairs to fix.
  • CanPickup (Can pickup after death)
  • PocketEverything (Can put any object in your pocket (Camera tripods/Cursed Items))
  • CompleteMissions (Complete all missions on game exit (Self Only))
  • AppearGhost (Makes ghost visible for a second for everyone (Can change visibility state with GhostEvents))
  • StayVisible (Makes ghost visible for everyone untill toggled off or interupted)
  • Suicide (Instantly kill self (Does not spawn body))
  • ReviveAll (Revives all dead players (Will sometimes change revived player inventory slot amount (Can be anywhere between 0-30 slots))) Now only works if tarot cards are the current cursed item
  • ButterFingers (Makes all players drop inventory (Doesnt actually drop items, swap items to ‘pickup’))
  • LockDoors (Closes and locks all doors)
  • UnLockDoors (Unlocks and opens all doors) If the front door breaks (CantWalkThrough), cause a hunt or wait for a hunt, and door should be fixed
  • LevelInfo (Opens GhostInfo And PlayerInfo Windows)
  • GhostInfo (Ghost Name, Ghost Type, Ghost Current Location,
  • PlayerInfo (Player Names, Sanity, Current Room, SteamID, If player is alive or dead (A / D))
  • Kill Individual Players (HostOnly (Unless for self, works as ‘Suicide’)) (Kills player, spawns body (Dont spam or the player will become stuck in the death room))
  • ‘Revive’ Individual Players(Revives Player)broken, Needs to be worked on
  • Cursed (Opens CursedObjects Window)
  • TarotCards (Choose Next Card, Infinite Tarot CardsInfinite Tarot Cards removed, Not Working Properly)
  • HostOnly (Opens HostOnly Window (All cheats here can only be used as the HOST))
  • NextEvent (Shows Event Options)
  • GhostEvent (Causes random ghost event)
  • Interaction (Causes random interaction)
  • Hunt (Causes hunt (Depends if ghost is on crucafix, and/or ghost type))Broken, needs to be worked on
  • Evidence (Shows Evidence Options))
  • GhostWriting (Writes in all open books (Must be current evidence type))
  • Faster (Writes in all open books very quickly, causing them to float))
  • BecomeGhost (Ghost follows your exact position (Ghost will not lift off of ground, will not clip through walls, will not leave building, and will not teleport. Its best to go to or near the room before toggling this on.)))
  • FastInteractions (Causes very fast, random interactions on the ghosts position))
  • CanCloseTruck(Ability to close truck while alive players are not inside))
  • SpawnBody (Spawns dead body on your position, can be spammed, but if spammed to much will actually kill you))Editing cash and xp are not included because im not willing to ruin your saveDont forget to leave a rating! Also dont be afraid to comment or msg me if you have any issues with the menu, or have any questions.

phasmophobia cheat

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  • when i download the cheat and extract it there is 3 internet short cuts and one openable note pad no dll or executeable cheat ArcticR7#4658 is my discord if you could please help me out

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