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Phasmophobia BepInEx Mod | ESP and More

Phasmophobia BepInEx Mod | ESP and More

Phasmophobia BepInEx Mod is a multi functional feature rich hacking menu for Phasmo that includes hundreds of cheat features built into it that allows you to use every kind of option that you could ever imagine. It even contains trolling options so that you never get bored while playing with others.

Other than that this is a BepInEx mod meaning that there are no executabels files that you just run or dll files that you inject using an injector. Well of course there are dll files but with all other files you just need to paste them into the root folder of the game like described below.

How to Use the Phasmophobia BepInEx Mod


  • Download the latest rar file
  • Copy all of the files inside the rar to your phasmo folder
  • Run Phasmophobia
  • A log-in window will comes
  • Click register and fill your username and pass and email
  • Open log-in tab and log-in
  • And click play


  • Press tab to open or hide the menu
  • Press Left-Alt to select an object
  • to fly just turn on the fly option on the menu and hold R while walking

if you need any help My Discord : Defrag#1518

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