Pet Simulator X Hack Script | Ezpets V2

Pet Simulator X Hack Script | Ezpets V2

What's up, I know you all love pet simulator X. The Pet Simulator X Hack Script will double your gaming pleasure. It looks like the previous script, only the menu has changed, but it can still be used. But you know, of course. Pet Simulator X is one of the popular games of Roblox. It has regular updates and a wide variety of content. There are many islands, many pets and many different currencies. Click here for more roblox cheats.

Features of Pet Simulator X Hack Script:

  • Visual Gem & Pet Duplication
  • Claim Rewards VIP & Casual
  • Spam Autofarm
  • Customiazble Autofarm
  • Unlock All Gamepasses & way more!
Game Link: Click Here


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