Pet Simulator X Extreme Hub Script Hack

Pet Simulator X Extreme Hub Script Hack

I will show you a simple and easy to use Pet Simulator X Extreme Hub Script . People who want to play and become stronger while playing Pet Simulator X resort to cheats. Most scripts are similar and have the same logic. The only difference is the speed of autofarms and the small and nice features in it. You can use the cheat easily. You can get stronger very quickly. You can easily dig all the mines around. By using the Anti AFK feature, you can easily leave your computer on and get stronger. You will enjoy. You can easily open all zones. You can open all eggs. Don't forget to check out other Free Roblox Hack and Cheat content on our site.

Features Of Pet Simulator X Extreme Hub Script

  • Auto Farm
  • Auto Collect Orbs
  • Auto Collect Lootbags
  • Farming Stats
  • Auto Use Triple Coins
  • Auto Use Triple Damage
  • Auto Use Super Lucky
  • Auto Use Ultra Lucky
  • Remove Hatching Animation
  • Auto Equip Best Pets
  • Auto Hatch (Single Hatch & Triple Hatch)
  • Auto Golden
  • Auto Rainbow
  • Auto Dark Matter (1 To 6)
  • Auto Collect Pets From Dark Matter Machine
  • Keybinds For Almost All The Machines
  • Visual Hatch Any Egg
  • Visual Dupe Diamonds And Coins
  • Unlock Gamepasses
  • Auto Redeem Free Gifts
  • Auto Redeem Rank Rewards
  • Auto Redeem VIP Rewards
  • Change WalkSpeed & JumpPower
  • Anti AFK
  • Auto Enchant
  • And More

How to run Pet Simulator X Extreme Hub Script ?


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