Pessi Money | GTA V YimMenu Lua Script

Pessi Money | GTA V YimMenu  Lua Script Pessi Money | GTA V YimMenu  Lua Script

Pessi Money is an additional script designed to serve as an Online Mod Menu for the GTA V game, specifically tailored for YimMenu. With Pessi Money, you have the ability to seamlessly add in-game currency to your account, ranging from 2.5M to 15M, providing a straightforward process. Simply place the script in the directory where the YimMenu hack is located, run it, and select your preferred amount of money. Detailed instructions can be found in the section below.


Download and run YimMenu
Download the archive from our website
Simply head over to "C:\Users\your_user\AppData\Roaming\YimMenu" then put pessi in the "scripts" folder

Control keys

F5 to open and to close the ui.
Press X key to move the menu with the mouse

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