[PalHax] Palworld External Cheat | GodMode, SpeedHack, FlyHack!

[PalHax] Palworld External Cheat | GodMode, SpeedHack, FlyHack! [PalHax] Palworld External Cheat | GodMode, SpeedHack, FlyHack!

PalHax is a C# external hack tool designed for Palworld (intended for cooperative play as the host only!). Everything has been tested on Xbox (should also work for Steam as it looks for WinGDK or Win64 and the Free Palworld External Cheat uses AoB). To use, launch the game in windowed or borderless mode, start the hack, and enjoy! (Insert = Open/Close / Delete = Exit Cheat, can be changed in the configuration.)

If you are the host, all options will work. (HOST DOES NOT NEED SPOOF POSITION ON.) Additionally, I've added non-host features (some of them marked with ** at the end, which means you need to enable Spoof Position for these features to work!) Spoof Position simply halts the networking of your character's movement.

 PalHax Menu Screen;

Server: Chill in your base.
Client: Go on a killing spree across the map.


Before using Passive Skills Array, make sure to create a backup of your world save, as it can become corrupted!

Dupe pals work like this:
Put the pal you want to duplicate in team slot 1, then press "Get Pal Slot 1." Now, swap the pal with one you don't need or care about, then press "Set Pal Slot 1" to overwrite the pal.

Features of [PalHax] Palworld External Cheat | GodMode, SpeedHack, FlyHack!
  • Max Level
  • Max Stomach
  • Rare Pal
  • Max Hp
  • Fill Sanity
  • Get Stats
  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Craft Speed
  • Support
  • Set Stats
  • Attacks
  • Get Stats
  • Set Stats
  • Duplicate Pal
  • Passive Skills
  • Skill Size
  • Skill Size Max
  • Godmode
  • Never Wanted
  • 100% Stat Points
  • No Temperature Damage
  • No Stomach Decrease
  • Set Max Stomach Value
  • Max Health
  • Max Shield
  • Set Max Player Level
  • Ai Ignores You
  • Non Host
  • Spoof Position
  • Player Time Dilation
  • Infinite Carry Weight
  • Super Jump
  • Speedhack
  • Flymode
  • One Hit Kill
  • No Stamina
  • No Respawn
  • World Time
  • Game Settings
  • World Stats
  • Addmaxhp
  • Max Inventory
  • Max Hp
  • Work Speed
  • Capture Level
  • Status Point
  • Attack Point
  • Technology Point
  • Unlock Fast Travel
  • Defence Point
  • World Xp
  • Build Xp
  • Craft Xp
  • Pickup Item Xp
  • Object Destroy Xp
  • Max Level
  • Instant Farm
  • 100% Catch Rate
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