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Overwatch 2 Hack | Aimbot & Esp & More [Rigel External]

Overwatch 2 Hack | Aimbot & Esp & More [Rigel External] Overwatch 2 Hack | Aimbot & Esp & More [Rigel External]

Many players can benefit from the Overwatch 2 Hack ESP and Aimbot by raising their total DPS. This Aimbot is safe to use and challenging for other players and anti-cheat software to notice when you are using it thanks to the way we implemented it.

Each of our Free Overwatch 2 Cheats and Hacks includes an inbuilt aimbot that can be customized to your preferences and settings in order to ensure that it is ideal for the kind of gameplay you favor. takes precautions to ensure that the Aimbot is equally precise and risk-free.

Once more, the Free hacks for Overwatch 2 that we offer are the most secure and efficient ones available. To do this, we select the best Overwatch 2 Hack Coders and integrate them into our community. By doing this, we can provide the developers who are currently working with us the requests of our members. If you use Insta Flick, your account will be banned immediately.

Updated rigel. Everything (esp/glow/aimbot/etc) works fine, disabled keyauth, added venture to be usable.

To use this for people unfamiliar, requires visual studio, open example.sln, change it from Debug mode to Release mode. Build solution.

If you have any errors, right click the example solution>properties>advanced make sure it's using multi-byte character set and then go to c/c++ general and make sure it has the include directories for util and imgui - copy paste the path to each directory followed by a semicolon, e.g. C:\Users\Name\Desktop\test\Fucking ImGui;C:\Users\Name\Desktop\test\util

Make sure you download VMProtect Demo and protect the compiled file example.exe (if it gets deleted turn off windows defender auto deleting the compiled file).

You'll get banned otherwise.

To use VMProtect, open it, drop the compiled file in it from x64 folder (example.exe), click the second 'star' icon on the left panel that says functions, choose EntryPoint then on the right side under Protection category you want to use the mouse wheel to move it from None to Ultra (Mutation+Virtualization). Click the start button to compile it, click no to saving and running it now, then close vmp. You can rename the file after this from e.g. example.vmp.exe to whatever.exe.

How to use: 

Insert opens and closes menu

Open the protected example.vmp.exe file or w,e you renamed it to, open overwatch, go into practice range, pick a character.

If you're using this and coming from rigel previously, all settings are disabled by default, it's not copying your old saved settings. You'll have to enable everything manually by opening the menu or copy pasting the config file.

Features of Overwatch 2 Hack | Aimbot & Esp & More [Rigel External]

  • Esp Lines
  • Esp Box
  • Team Switch
  • Tracking Aimbot
  • Triggerbot
  • Flickbot
  • Smoothness
  • Aimspeed
  • Specific Bone Aiming
  • Aimbot
  • And More!
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Free Download Overwatch 2 Hack | Aimbot & Esp & More [Rigel External]

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  • 343901643

    Game updates causing inability to use. Can we update it

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    • Bot3

      It's tiring manually updating OW2 cheats, there are 2 as I know of on the site that auto updates, you can check those out if this one doesn't work

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      • Dipankar665

        Not loading and not working

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