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osubuddy cheat

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OsuBuddy Cheat is an amazing Hack for osu! with many function to get your rank up, including relax hack, aim assist, replay bot, auto play and many more.

Osu! is a rhythm game by peppy, who also made a whole lot of work for the visual novels Katawa Shoujo and Grisaia no Kajitsu, which we all know about. So I was personally looking for a reliable osu! cheat for a long time as even though the game is quite popular, there aren’t many hacks for it.

Because osu! is as big as any other rhythm game out there and there are many people who wants to cheat in it. And some of them even can reach A rank without any method at all because they are born genius and they have some kind of super-power which can beat every single mod (those guys will never spend any cent on their playtime).

But how many hours have you been practicing for? Are you tired of spending so much time to achieve a S rank in your favorite maps, but still can’t? Do you want a program that can help and make your rank up? Now you can stop looking for the perfect cheat because OsuBuddy Cheat is an amazing Hack for osu! with many function to get your rank up, including relax hack, aim assist, replay bot, auto play and many more. And it’s 100% undetectable by the osu! official system, so you will be safe if you use OsuBuddy Cheat.

We know how hard it can be to improve in osu!. It is nothing like many other video games out there, without spending hundreds and hundreds of hours into the game, it is pretty much impossible for you to improve in the game and become a 5 or a 4 digit player as gettings better requires some good dedication in this game, including time as well. That it why this OsuBuddy Cheat is absolutely perfect for any player out there since it is fully customizable for you to look fully legit and not suspecious at all.

osubuddy remake

This OsuBuddy cheat offers you many useful functions to help you rank up. Relax hack offers a few different customizations: automatically clicks the circles as well as the sliders for you, but you can adjust its options based on your playstyle. Aim assist gives an move your cursor to the next circle, making you click and aim easier. Auto play gives you the ability to let the hack automatically beatmaps without you even touching. Replay bot will automatically replay a .osr file, an osu! replay for you.

OsuBuddy Cheat Features

  • Aim Assist: Will assist your mouse towards the next note!
  • Relax: Will automatically click the notes for you!
  • Timewarp: Slows or speeds up the song, letting you play it easier
  • AR Changer: Allows you to change

P.S.: When you hide this cheat, press “Shift” to make it show up again

osubuddy cheat | osu! relax hack, aim assist & more

How to use OsuBuddy Cheat?

  1. Download OsuBuddy Cheat from the download link below on our website
  2. Extract the files into a folder of your choice
  3. Run osu!
  4. Open the folder where the cheat is in, run the cheat
  5. Enable the options that you want to use
  6. Enjoy and have fun ranking up!

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