NitroInjector V10.3

nitroinjector v10.3

 Last Version: 18/09/2022 Join Discord

 Developers: AdiSploits & NITRO Report Cheat

NitroInjector V10.3 is a powerful free exploit that offers you a FULL LUA Premium Executor and a cool UI. This exploit can execute 80+ scripts without crashing or lagging your game. It has 3 versions, AnemoAPI, EasyXploitsAPI, RobloxHacksAPI. From now you will be able to download previous versions. Now you can download NitroInjector V10.2 but also V10.3!

Exploit Developed by NITRO & AdiSploits. Enjoy using NitroInjector! 🙂

When NitroInjector is:


Undetected | 7% chances to get banned!

Detected | 13% chances to get banned!

File Approved NitroInjector V10.3

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