Ninja Legends Script Proxima Hub | Auto Farm - Auto Sell - Auto Swing and More!

Ninja Legends Script Proxima Hub | Auto Farm - Auto Sell - Auto Swing and More!

In this challenging world where ninjas fight and grow stronger, it is important not to fall behind. To do this, you need to swing your sword, throw shurikens, and sell the ninjutsu you have accumulated to earn coins and chi. To assist you in this difficult process, there is a fantastic script available, and today we are presenting this script to you.

About Ninja Legends Script Proxima Hub

The most important feature of the script is the Auto Swing feature. With this feature, you can swing your sword much faster and obtain ninjutsu quickly. You can strengthen yourself by selling the ninjutsu you acquire rapidly.

With the Auto Sell feature, you can automatically sell ninjutsu and earn money quickly. Therefore, we recommend using both the Auto Swing and Auto Sell features simultaneously.

The Chi Farm feature allows you to farm Chi, which is an important currency in the game. You automatically teleport to boxes containing Chi and obtain a high amount of Chi.

With the Collect All Chest feature, you teleport to all existing chests in the game and obtain the rewards inside them.

With the Buy All feature, you can automatically purchase the most powerful swords, belts, skills, shurikens, and ranks.

With the Ninja Legends Script Proxima Hub, you can also use many other features that we haven't mentioned here. Some of these features include Get Elements, Boss Farm, Auto Egg, Auto Sell Pets, Auto Islands, WalkSpeed, FOV, Jump Power, and many more. We wish you enjoyable and fun games.

Features of Ninja Legends Script Proxima Hub | Auto Farm - Auto Sell - Auto Swing and More!
  • Auto Swing
  • Auto Sell
  • Auto Farm
  • Hoops Farm
  • Chi Farm
  • Coins Farm
  • Collect All Chests
  • Auto Evolve Pets
  • Auto Whell
  • Buy All
  • Get Elements
  • Boss Farm
  • Auto Open Egg
  • Auto Sell Pets
  • Auto Islands
  • Inf Jump
  • Bypass Double Jump Limit
  • Walkspeed
  • Xray
  • Jump Power
  • Fov
  • Chat Spam
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