Ninja Legends Script Madd Hub - Auto Swing, Auto Sell Ninjitsu and More!

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Ninja Legends Script Madd Hub - Auto Swing,  Auto Sell Ninjitsu and More! Ninja Legends Script Madd Hub - Auto Swing,  Auto Sell Ninjitsu and More!

MaddHub is a powerful and versatile script designed specifically for the popular game Ninja Legends. This Ninja Legends script is packed with a wide range of features that will enhance your gameplay experience and give you an edge over your opponents.

One of the standout features of MaddHub is the "Automatic Swing" function. With this feature enabled, your character will automatically swing their sword, allowing you to effortlessly defeat enemies without the need for constant button mashing.

Ninja Legends Pastebin Script

Another time-saving feature is the "Automatic Sell Ninjitsu" option. This feature automatically sells your accumulated ninjitsu, ensuring that you never miss out on valuable currency.

MaddHub also includes various collection features, such as "Collect Hoops," "Collect Chests," and "Collect Coins and Chi." With these features enabled, you can automatically gather these valuable resources as you progress through the game.

To further optimize your gameplay, Ninja Legends Script Madd Hub offers "Automatic Buy" options for swords, belts, skills, ranks, and shurikens. This means that you no longer have to manually purchase these items, saving you time and effort.

Additionally, the script includes an "Auto-Kill Bosses" feature, which allows you to defeat powerful bosses effortlessly. This feature ensures that you never miss out on valuable rewards and progress smoothly through the game.

MaddHub also provides convenience in managing your pets. With the "Auto Buy Pets" feature, you can automatically purchase pets, while the "Equip Best Pets" option ensures that you always have the most advantageous pets equipped. The Ninja Legends Script even includes an "Auto Evolve Pets" function, which automatically evolves your pets to their highest potential.

To keep your inventory organized, MaddHub offers an "Auto Sell Old Pets" feature. This feature automatically sells your outdated pets, freeing up space for new and more powerful ones.

In terms of dojo management, MaddHub includes an "Auto Collect Dojo" feature, which automatically collects rewards from your dojo. Additionally, the "Auto upgrade Dojo" option ensures that your dojo is always upgraded to maximize its benefits.

MaddHub even allows you to redeem codes effortlessly, with the "Redeem Codes" feature. This ensures that you never miss out on exclusive rewards and bonuses.

For those who prefer a streamlined visual experience, MaddHub offers a "Disable Collection FX" option. This feature removes the visual effects associated with collecting resources, providing a cleaner and more focused gameplay environment.

Finally, for those looking to explore different servers, MaddHub includes a "Server Hop" function. This feature allows you to easily switch between servers, providing the opportunity to meet new players and experience different gameplay dynamics.

With its extensive range of features, MaddHub is the ultimate script for Ninja Legends players, providing convenience, efficiency, and an enhanced gameplay experience.

Features of Ninja Legends Script Madd Hub - Auto Swing, Auto Sell Ninjitsu and More!
  • Automatic Swing
  • Automatic Sell Ninjitsu
  • Collect Hoops
  • Collect Chests
  • Collect Coins And Chi
  • Automatic Buy Swords
  • Automatic Buy Belts
  • Automatic Buy Skills
  • Automatic Buy Ranks
  • Automatic Buy Shurikens
  • Auto-kill Bosses
  • Auto Buy Pets
  • Equip Best Pets
  • Auto Evolve Pets
  • Auto Sell Old Pets
  • Auto Collect Dojo
  • Auto Upgrade Dojo
  • Redeem Codes
  • Disable Collection Fx
  • Server Hop
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