Neutron Injector v3.0.0 - DEBUG

Neutron Injector v3.0.0 - DEBUG Neutron Injector v3.0.0 - DEBUG

With NIM Neutron Injection Manager you can create your own CS:GO Cheats Injector for FREE! Using the free version, you can make a injector how you like, adding more features to it.

This is a Debug version and you may encounter bugs or errors. Please raport any issues on our discord server.

Keep in mind!

How to use:

  1. Run Neutron.exe (Administrator optional)
  2. Press on the settings icon and choose the injection method (Default is LoadLibrary)
  3. Click on "Save"
  4. Run the desigred game
  5. Choose the Game in the Game Selection (Inject Tab)
  6. Click on browse dll
  7. Wait till the Neutron Injection Manager begins
  8. Choose a DLL
  9. Have fun!

PC Requirements

  • Microsoft VC++ x86/x64
  • Microsoft .NET Framework v4.7
  • Minimum 15MB of Free-Space

Supported Systems

  • Windows 7 - Yes
  • Windows 8 - Yes
  • Windows 10 - Yes
  • Windows 11 - Yes
  • Linux/MacOS - No


  • This injector is a free closed-sorce injector for CS:GO, CS 1.6 and Amoung Us.
  • Not affiled with VALVE.
  • We are not responsable with any account ban, yes, we include a DLL-Part Bypass, but not a full VAC Bypass.
  • Status: UNDETECTED

About Neutron Injection Manager

  •  It is a paid sorce for injection, for any game
  •  No, you can not have it for free, if you may ask
  •  VAC Bypass: DLL-Bypass, Semi-full VAC Bypass(no steam kill). WARNING: Some DLL's might be detected.(DLL ISSUE)
  •  Silent injection
  •  ManualMap/LoadLibraryA injection

Make your own Injector using NIM in C# WinForms

Video Tutorial is here

GitHub Page: Neutron Github
Download User Manual: Download Link (Neutron Injection Manager Manual.docx)

Archive password: 123

Features of Neutron Injector v3.0.0 - DEBUG

  • Inject A Dll
  • Semi-full Vac Bypass
  • Fast Injection
  • Manual Map
  • Load Library
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Free Download Neutron Injector v3.0.0 - DEBUG

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