MuuX Genshin Impact Mobile Cheat | Android APK Mod Menu

MuuX Genshin Impact Mobile Cheat | Android APK Mod Menu MuuX Genshin Impact Mobile Cheat | Android APK Mod Menu

MuuX-Genshin Impact Mobile Cheat is now free! You just need to use the key 'MUUXVIP333s' or "MuuXFreeJ" or "FreeMuuXDzwBo""FREEMUUX"to access it! Of course, we would appreciate your support if you're willing to pay! When you open the game and see the character,Click on the initialization of the function interface. 

If you encounter any issues with using it without any effect;

Genshin Impact needs to be downloaded from a source other than the Google Play Store: Download Genshin Impact.apk

About Genshin Impact APK Mod Menu Features

DRAW:  You can select the desired content on each interface or click Select All,The groups are Treasure Chest, Divine Eyes, Decryption, Resources, and Monsters.

Memory: In this group, there are combat, acceleration, and map functions

  • Combat: Freeze enemies Make enemies ignore you after use.
  • Immunity: Immune to enemy damage after use,But it may require switching roles to take effect.
  • Monster suicide: Using it can cause monsters to commit suicide,But it is invalid for boss.
  • No energy collect: Using can eliminate the character's energy demand.
  • No skill CD: There is no need to cool down when using skills,But you need to switch roles.


  • Speed: The running speed of the entire game.
  • Dialog: The speed of conversation.
  • Sprint boost: Increase the speed of the sprint.
  • Sprint teleport: During sprints, teleportation occurs.
  • Wall speed up: Climbing speed increases.
  • Swim boost: Swimming speed increases.
  • Dive boost: Increased movement speed in water.
  • Flight boost: Increase in flight speed.

Map functions:

  • Staminaless Fly: Unlimited physical strength.
  • Area pickup: Enhance the scope of collecting items.
  • Hover mode: Can spread its wings and stop falling in the air.
  • Ascend: After spreading their wings, can ascend.

Theme: Customize your theme and save it.

Tutorial & Shocase Video:

MuuX Genshin Impact Mobile Cheat | APK Mod Menu (youtube.com)

Features of MuuX Genshin Impact Mobile Cheat | Android APK Mod Menu
  • Memory
  • Notice
  • Theme
  • Unfreeze Enemies
  • Freeze Enemies
  • No Skill Cd
  • Skill Cd On
  • Energy
  • Combat
  • Immunity
  • Monster Suicide
  • Speed
  • Speed
  • Dialog
  • Sprint
  • Teleport
  • Wall Speed Up
  • Swim Boost
  • Dive Boost
  • Flight Boost
  • Stamina
  • Ascend
  • Area Pickup
  • Hover Mode
  • And More!
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